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For example, one editor observes that "conditions encouraging even the formulation, let alone the prolonged execution, of grand strategy as deliberate method seem to be uncommon at best, and even then impermanent.
Equally possible, however, is that he has finally concluded that endless negotiations only provide the illusion that Israel's nearly half-century of military rule over Palestinian lands is impermanent, and that the US monopoly over the peace process has proved ruinous to the quest for a just peace.
So, like a scraggly clump of wildflowers held out to her with a smile, we celebrate today something sweet, mixed, imperfect, natural, impermanent and unique: Mother.
The creative society does not embody the idyll unity of talents and technologies in a tolerant environment but a rather grim competition for technological territories, impermanent cultivation of which--under the influence of changeable social demand--presupposes salutatory transformations and changes of culture.
Agreeing with the verdict of The Times, the Guardian went a step further, calling the touring side as a 'disconsolate trudge and 'a technological naivety', and called the batsmen as impermanent.
Buddhism aims to alleviate suffering and teach enlightening through mindfulness, un-attachment of thoughts and emotions from the concept of the self, and a sense that all things are impermanent and therefore not deserving of craving or hatred.
Since the mid-1970s, the workplace, the economy and society have all fragmented, and become more impermanent and individualistic, for good and bad.
As Sunday evening approached, I walked with my camera in the cool spring air, capturing light and shadow, imperfect and impermanent.
It turns out that "advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.
Because street painting is a performance art, the artwork is almost always impermanent.
The exact provenience of many of the texts is uncertain due to irregularities in recording during the early seasons of excavation, most notably to the practice of giving a single Fundnummer to an entire group of texts and using impermanent ink on the tablets themselves.
6 percent, and impermanent wide-use products, by 1.