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A patent has been issued for a disposable absorbent article adapted to be worn about a lower torso of a human body and having a chassis, a non-removable absorbent core component disposed in a crotch region of the chassis, and a replaceable absorbent core component disposed in capillary liquid communication with the non-removable absorbent core component and having longitudinally disposed regions of liquid permeability and liquid impermeability on the same surface.
The mechanism of trapping, already mentioned in the case of resistance to [beta]-lactam agents by a combination of [beta]-lactamases, allows titration of the drugs, an alternative to impermeability, for lowering the intracellular concentrations of the antimicrobial drugs.
No-slip condition for fluid velocity and impermeability condition for concentration on the capillary wall are assigned.
The in-house laboratory tests include crushing strength, water tightness, water impermeability, shear strength, joint tests and angular deflection.
These articles force us to think about time and thus help us to see why the impermeability of the maternal wall, as Joan Williams has aptly named the barrier to women's equality, is of quite a different nature than the impermeability of the glass ceiling.
Flux ANF-1P (practically pure calcium fluoride) was chosen because of impermeability of fluorides for nitrogen.
Although this book provides ample opportunity for students of social welfare policy to reflect on the impermeability of social problems to virtually any solution, the book's greatest strength is the author's historical imagination in recapturing the details of how children themselves experienced homelessness and institutionalization.
This impermeability to facts has been on display in many of the Bush administration's undertakings, notably in Iraq, with tragic results.
In "Artifice," he champions impermeability, but allows that in his own work "antiabsorptive techniques are used toward absorptive ends.
13, 2007), "Saturated Polyester for Plastic Containers With Excellent Heat Resistance and Gas Impermeability and Method for Manufacturing the Same," Deog Jae jo, Soon Sik Kim, and Jin Woo Lee (Saehan Industries Inc.
Impermeability of latex condoms to STI/HIV-sized particles
The preparation of samples also included water impermeability of their lateral faces, reducing the effect of water evaporation.