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Improving corn silage quality in the top layer of farm bunker silos through the use of a next-generation barrier film with high impermeability to oxygen.
For C30 concrete with low strength and impermeability, CS particles with high crushing value (low mechanical strength) and water absorption (high permeability), together with the interface between sand particle and cement paste, might be damaged by freezing of water penetrated into concrete, which leads to frost durability of C30 CSC being reduced and poorer than that of C30 RSC.
One of graphene's most remarkable properties is its impermeability to gases and liquids.
In general, water seepage in faults and the impermeability of faults are studied by laboratory tests, numerical analysis and theoretical analysis (Zhou et al.
Abnormal expression of molecular markers for bladder impermeability and differentiation in urothelium of interstitial cystitis patients.
The results indicated that lime increased the stability impermeability and load-bearing capacity of the subgrade which was in accordance with the findings of Rayes and Ahmed (1974).
8220;A RONCO glove that has been tested for this type of impermeability should be an obvious choice for workers and reduce the practice of 'double gloving' in hospital, clinic or private practice settings.
Indeed, we found that achyrofuran was not bacteriolytic by itself although it greatly compromised membrane impermeability as determined by increased SYTOX Green uptake.
The Times Literary Supplement was admirably adapted to this purpose, of a neverfailing toughness and impermeability.
These data indicate that a high number of isolates probably have resistance due to impermeability or multi-drug efflux or a combination of multiple unrelated resistance mechanisms.