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The soil/clay required is used to form an impermeable seal to the bed and banks of the canal and as an impermeable sealant at the rear of masonry retaining walls and structures.
AV-315 Microfoam is a single-component, moisture-activated polyurethane resin that forms dense, resilient, impermeable closed-cell flexible foam with good adhesive properties.
During the past few years, many traditional buildings have also had to suffer the consequences of illinformed energy efficient retrofit, which again usually means the imposition of impermeable solid wall insulation.
Virtually impermeable film (VIF): Although more permeable than TIF, VIF plastic film can reduce fumigant emissions and enhance their distribution in soil, in comparison with conventional polyethylene films.
The city council's city parks and open spaces officer Ces Edwards also visited the residents and has spoken to council engineers to ask them to draw up costs for putting in an impermeable membrane.
Water moves freely between intra-cellular and extra-cellular compartments in response to osmotic pressure gradients created by effective solutes (Na+, K+, and mannitol) that are impermeable to the cell membrane (1).
Army Corps of Engineers used a 900-foot section to compare the effectiveness of three Mirafi products--an impermeable geosynthetic textile and two types of a more loosely woven material known as geogrid.
In suburban areas where homes are built on one-third-acre lots, about 35 percent of the ground is impermeable to precipitation.
When the investigators measured Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus allergen in mattress dust, they found only a modest reduction with the impermeable covers, and no reduction relative to the control covers.
Indeed, most of the well-known pieces record a nearly successful transformation of flesh into gloss or shine, the near eclipse of flesh by shiny materials, the synthetic embrace of the body that closes it off from the possibilities of touch, the transformation, through muscle building, of the body itself into a formidable and impermeable surface.
The oil sits in the pores and is prevented from escaping by an upper layer of impermeable rock.
Patients received either mattress, pillow, and quilt covers impermeable to mite allergen or ordinary control covers.