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Virtually impermeable film (VIF): Although more permeable than TIF, VIF plastic film can reduce fumigant emissions and enhance their distribution in soil, in comparison with conventional polyethylene films.
Because salts attract water and because many pipeline coatings are not 100% impermeable to water vapor or water the presence of salt is always a risk in practice.
The city council's city parks and open spaces officer Ces Edwards also visited the residents and has spoken to council engineers to ask them to draw up costs for putting in an impermeable membrane.
Army Corps of Engineers used a 900-foot section to compare the effectiveness of three Mirafi products--an impermeable geosynthetic textile and two types of a more loosely woven material known as geogrid.
Streams in watersheds where more than 25 percent of the surface area is impermeable usually show severe physical and ecological damage.
These are figures who do not attempt to achieve an impermeable surface but who become tangled up in touch and motion in obvious pleasure before the camera.
When the investigators measured Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus allergen in mattress dust, they found only a modest reduction with the impermeable covers, and no reduction relative to the control covers.
The LiteEarth system provides long-term protection that is impermeable to air, gas and water, at a fraction of the cost of traditional natural grass capping.
But it is not a unit that is impermeable, as a blown save in Wednesday night's game against Lake Elsinore illustrated.
BUTYL RUBBER The only rubber to be impermeable to air, butyls are copolymers of isobutylene with small amounts of isoprene.
City gardeners in particular should find a lot of useful information in this book, touted as the first ever to describe how to grow plants directly on pavement, rocks, tables, and other impermeable platforms.
But Grotjahn's taste for the impermeable is hardly delivered straight from the shoulder; a perverse formalism is his delicious decoy, both an homage to and usurpation of (by now amply deconstructed) modernist tactics.