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In that capacity, he might encourage his brother bishops to consider whether the public policy positions of individual bishops and the bishops' conference itself are giving a consistent testimony to the essential distinction in Catholic teaching between the dignity and value of gay and lesbian persons and the impermissibility of same-sex marriage.
But the moral impermissibility of killing the innocent is one of the most central tenets of most moral theories.
the moral impermissibility of interfering with their choices and actions.
Could we really believe that a plausible political philosophy would establish the moral impermissibility of the state regardless of how horrible the stateless condition were to be?
Even strict deontological accounts of the impermissibility of
For example, Meyers moves from the claim "that a governmental interest in harming a 'politically unpopular' group or accommodating the fears and negative biases held toward a group constitutes an unconstitutional purpose," to the quite distinct claim that "[l]egislation creating virtually insurmountable obstacles to the social advancement of other groups similarly reflects impermissibility.
Chaim Povarsky recommends viewing the surrogacy agreement not as an obligation to transfer a child not yet in existence, but rather as an obligation on the part of the surrogate mother to transfer the child to the father's sole custody, thereby avoiding the problem of the impermissibility of contracting for things that are not yet in existence (dvar shelo ba le'olam).
63) The impermissibility of pure strict liability, for example,
The Indiana Supreme Court's opinion recited the impermissibility of executing the insane, but noted that Ford had declined to define insanity.
In a subtle way, Anders may help to correct this practice by introducing a form of appellate scrutiny that would emphasize the formal impermissibility of role-shifts and work-arounds.
429, 433 (1984) (noting the impermissibility, under the Equal Protection Clause, of denying a natural mother child custody because of an interracial marriage).
Hopkins(124) may represent the high-water mark of the Supreme Court's understanding of the impermissibility of enforcing gender norms in the workplace.