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A taxpayer may want to change an accounting method for various reasons, such as to correct an impermissible or erroneous method or to take advantage of a more beneficial method.
The taxpayer had attempted to change from capitalizing expenditures to expensing them; the court held that, even if the expenditures were properly deductible, the change was impermissible, because it involved a question of proper timing and the taxpayer had not obtained the Service's consent.
The material change requested by Newdow in an accepted and well-established historical pattern of short prayers or religious references during Presidential inaugurations, based on this last-minute challenge, is not likely to serve the public interest, particularly where Newdow's ability to proceed with this action remains in doubt and there is no clear evidence of impermissible sectarian proselytizing.
Specifically, it adopted the Tax Court's holding that RSS "ceded effective control over the operations of the partnerships and the surgery center to private parties, conferring impermissible private benefit.
Then the worker is forced to submit to a union-controlled arbitration process in which union-hired auditors determine how much union money is spent for politics and other impermissible purposes, and therefore the size of the refund.
Equity knew that the fees in the Lease and National Lease affecting early terminating tenants were impermissible," Judge Lubitz wrote.
According to the court, the Cooks' spousal interests were impermissible, because they could exist for the grantor's life or for a term of years, regardless of which was shorter.
Because we conclude that Congress has made it clear that the same common bond of occupation must unite each member of an occupationally defined federal credit union, we hold that the (government's) contrary interpretation is impermissible,'' Thomas wrote in part.
97-27, the Service is not precluded from changing an impermissible method in an earlier year just because a taxpayer changes a sub-method within the impermissible method in a later year.
It can and does mask the inadequacies and impermissible conduct of renegade IRS agents.
Election Law Journal Co-Editor Richard Hasen suggests in an article, "Looking for Standards (in All the Wrong Places)" that the courts stay out of the area for the time being because they do not have an acceptable way "to separate permissible from impermissible use of voters' party affiliations in redistricting.
The exempt status of a charity that participates in these transactions may be challenged on the basis of private inurement or impermissible private benefit.