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in May 2013 similarly alleging that the company's severance agreements impermissibly interfered with employees' rights to file charges with the EEOC and other FEPAs.
The court surveyed cases from other jurisdictions, including Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, and West Virginia, where courts have held that a clause that excludes coverage for an innocent co-insured based on the intentional act exclusion impermissibly reduced statutorily mandated coverage and was invalid.
Similar to restrictions on a party's statutory right to punitive damages, courts may deem a limitation on an arbitrator's ability to award statutory attorneys' fees as impermissibly restricting the scope of an employee's statutory remedies.
A&P's motion is just the latest in a series of attempts by A&P to impermissibly prevent Stop & Shop from engaging in truthful, accurate commercial speech regarding the respective prices of Stop & Shop and its competitors on similar products," Stop & Shop's attorneys wrote in their filing.
The Supreme Court was not asked to hold in Alvarez-Machain that applying [section] 1959 in this fashion would have been impermissibly extraterritorial, so its decision is not direct authority.
The Moffetts also contended that the Court of Appeals impermissibly remanded the case to the trial court for additional fact finding on the issue of whether Briarwood violated the applicable section of the HCAA by conditioning the admission on the signing of the agreement.
LoConto, alleged that three witnesses' identifications of his client as a participant in the shootings resulted from an impermissibly suggestive identification procedure used by police.
LaBarge alleges that the pumps quoted by the winning vendor will not meet the specifications set forth in the delivery order, and contends that the agency impermissibly changed the scope of the underlying contract by allowing the awardee's pumps to be used with the Army's Assault Hoseline System--a system with which LaBarge claims only its pumps are compatible.
The ruling stemmed from watchdog groups' fears that Cheney had impermissibly limited the scope of the PRA, which requires all presidential and vice-presidential records to be transferred to the National Archives immediately upon the end of the administration's term and gives the U.
The judiciary on Tuesday condemned the government organization in charge of national defense for its impermissibly sloppy information management.
Because good proactive police work often creates exigencies, the legal issue is not simply whether the police created the exigency, but whether the police impermissibly created the exigency.