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Alf is not denying the existence of all reasons for him to get the drug; he is only denying the existence of impersonal reasons.
Yet the fact that perfect forms of impersonal and passive constructions are both built from the same elements has led to disagreement about whether there are two discrete voice constructions (e.g.
In about two-thirds of the responses to the nonmoral and impersonal situations, members of all three groups endorsed the greater good, such as killing one worker to spare five others.
No obstante, este poder impersonal del lenguaje no es determinista; los hablantes no quedamos capturados por la fuerza del conjuro de un Lenguaje con mayusculas que nos domina hasta el extremo; por el contrario, Riley nunca pierde de vista como se inocula nuestra capacidad de agencia, entendida como una parte irrenunciable de esta dimension emotiva del lenguaje.
A further challenge came from Lincoln Kirstein, who felt that because modern dance was not founded on an impersonal vocabulary that could be expanded or refreshed, it would not last.
Issues of consciousness, social struggle, and the knife edge between the material and spiritual world form a tapestry of the human search for meaning in a coldly impersonal world.
As such the kingdom of God offers ever new possibilities in more impersonal or authoritarian types of social relationships.
In Homer's world the outcomes of Odysseus' situation are determined by responsive and involved gods, whereas in "The Open Boat" the four companions must face an impersonal and indifferent nature as the greatest determining force.
The outward skin of modern buildings, they said, tended to be harsh, impersonal and inhumane, suggesting the home, not of men, but of dinosaurs.
McGinness's painting is more systematically harmonious, suggesting a reduction in subjective engagement with the paint, but he is no mechanical copyist; he has his own recognizably flamboyant touch, however much of an impersonal designer he would like to appear.
The articles of this special issue seek to interact with this debate by exploring the manner in which personal relationships and, in turn, the interpersonal nature of community and identity on a local level, have significantly influenced subjects which are frequently conceived of in much broader, impersonal terms, such as migration, urban poverty, nationality, imperialism, state institutions, and the Great War.
Sure, shooting off e-cards is the quick-n-easy way out, but it is kinda cold and impersonal. So, instead, make your Christmas cards shout, "I not only thought of you--but I took the time to make your card from scratch because you totally rock!" We love using the collage technique.