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There is none of that read-the-paper, avoid-all-eye contact impersonality that meets you in most metros as you ride their subways and trains and cross streets hurriedly.
Lauren Kay, founder of The Dating Ring, is offering successful, young professionals an alternative to the secrecy and impersonality of sites like OKCupid and Match.
Esposito (theoretical philosophy, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane) examines the various ways by which the category of personhood and impersonality permeates the human sciences and political discourse.
Procedures have been performed in our office since 1986, without the impersonality and unneccessary bureaucracy of the typical hospital experience.
But is sacrificing to the gods of impersonality the only way to liberate the artist?
Another title for this discussion might be "the effective impersonality of strangers.
Instances of the latter are the growing impersonality and inaccessibility of tax officials, delays in hospital treatment on account of scheduling rules devised by medically-unqualified administrators and the fact that a botched privatization means that it is cheaper to fly round the world than to buy a first-class return ticket to Inverness if one is stupid enough to go into any railway station west of Plymouth.
The 1971 sequence "Metamorphoses" exemplifies the kind of non-narrative impersonality Kleinzahler calls typical of Fisher's work.
Wholly different in personality, temperament, and as writers--Frisch, the master of impersonality, metaphoric subtlety, variousness and elegance of form; Durrenmatt bizarre, satiric, almost clownish in his tragic-comic plays--the two groped and struggled over a lifetime to make their relationship (friendship?
In developing her argument about impersonality, Quinney claims that Blake sometimes regards identity as synonymous with Selfhood, as when (in Milton) "Satan, the hypocrite, makes 'to himself Laws from his own identity'" (63).
When care is institutionalised, because the state organises it, it still falls into that level of impersonality.
Azamara captures the comforts of a larger ship, without the crowds and impersonality of a superliner.