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Becca knows that it would be impersonally better if Angela's mother survived, but she also knows that it is good for participants in personal relationships to care about each other--she knows, in other words, that there is value in her caring about the outcome in which her own mother survives.
In Green Hills of Africa especially he depicts animals in Flaubertian style: impersonally but accurately.
It is the idiosyncrasy of Davis's paintings--the sense that they have personality, that they are deeply emotional, however impersonally they were constructed--that saves them from elegant sterility.
his experiences that bore the taint of German antisemitism both impersonally, the Hep-Hep riots (1819), and more personally, the denial of the directorship of the Berlin Singakademie (1832), and
Military conditioning thereby adds another layer to thinking impersonally of others.
All the faces looked at Patton impersonally, as if waiting for him to join them.
There is a lot to be gained from actually working on projects rather than trying to ' buy' a clean conscience by impersonally donating money," says Ramji.
We must now be satisfied to cheer impersonally for our athletes.
She reminds us that, however impersonally institutions may wish to present themselves, they are composed of individuals who possess subjectivity and hence the capacity for moral choice.
Outside of memoirs or biographies, a literary scholar's citizenly responsibility to writers, including living ones, is probably to treat them impersonally.
They prefer making judgments that are based impersonally on well-reasoned conclusions, but they may be perceived (especially by those with a person style) as cold or uncaring.
Siderits thinks verse 22 supports determinism: we do not get angry at impersonally caused things, and others' behavior is impersonally caused.