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What's more, there is a sense of impertinence that marks all the debates that we see unfolding today between ruling party circles and the Turkish opposition.
What impertinence! It's enough work looking after you when you're alive; you want me to spend eternity giving you free food?
But how can you sympathize with a school that clings so stubbornly to the belief that its problem is not the huge hole in the hull of its sinking ship, but the impertinence of the water that is rushing in?
It fuses fruity notes with statuesque florals to create a chic statement with a touch of impertinence.
N'empeche que certains passages sont de veritables poemes: [beaucoup moins que]J'observe discretement ses longs cheveux que le souffle du vent s'amuse a soulever pour la taquiner[beaucoup plus grand que], ou encore: [beaucoup moins que]Les jasmins et les coquelicots fleurissent contre vents et marees offrant a notre quotidien un printemps radieux; seulement, des nuages opaques et inquietants decident avec impertinence, pour ne pas dire mesquins, de s'infiltrer dans notre vie et d'assombrir notre horizon[beaucoup plus grand que].
While talking about his French patisserie, Brendan (below) said: "I am going to leave it alone, because I think it's an impertinence to tinker with something so well-established."
The victim had told her parents several times in the past about his impertinence and everyone in the village knew about the activities of the accused.
It seems the Ascot executive had not undertaken the same rigorous investigation before it took the decision to allocate orange stickers to those prospective premier enclosure attendees who had the impertinence to arrive without being suitably attired in jacket and tie in the middle of winter.
Forgive my impertinence in questioning the use of sirens in Bahrain but I became a teenager in the 1939-45 war and the first noise of an early warning air-raid siren got people scurrying to their nearest air-raid shelter, or down the cellar steps or even under the stairs.
"This is nothing short of impertinence coming on top of reports that women in the ATS have just been in action for the first time on AA guns.