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She begins A Serious Proposal by invoking the argument in the form of a challenge to women, "[D]are to break the enchanted Circle that custom has plac'd us in, and scorn the Vulgar way of imitating all the Impertinencies of our Neighbours" (Astell Pt.
Secretary Lanuza wrote that "because of its unpleasant tone and several foolish impertinencies that it contained," Santander's letter had so "disgusted Brooke," that the military governor "had it translated and sent to Washington." (40) Father William Jones, who visited Cuba in 1899, was taken aback by the hostile posture that Santander displayed toward American officials, and by the fact that he seemed not to acknowledge that Spanish sovereignty in Cuba had come to a close.
It seemed wrong, to him, to pray or to hold God responsible: "For specific requests to God are impertinencies I think, and all we should ask from him is to learn to acquiesce."
which explains what it is the Shakespearean text does in and to its readers and how it does it." Specifically, the model may suggest "how it comes about that these texts enable us--perhaps, force us--to do something ethical with words." Transference, Grossman continues, is "the way we think through what we cannot think about, by attaching the emotional import of one set of relations to another set of relations and subtly supplementing their grammar with the impertinencies of rhetoric.
So that I come not to your publike pleadings, or your places of noise; not that I neglect those things, that make for the dignitie of the common-wealth: but for the meere avoiding of clamors, & impertinencies of Orators, that know not how to be silent.