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With imperturbability you never become angry with any human being.
Whatever the source of his imperturbability, France was fortunate to have it in the right man at the right time.
To me they seem to have become as irrelevant as a Biedermeier bathing suit or the imperturbability of a gentleman.
19, en su clasico estudio: <<As in the cases of Montaigne and Lipsius, the attraction exercised on [Quevedo] by the ideals of Stoic imperturbability and self-reliance evidently stood in direction proportion to his own need for an effective shield against adversity and to his essentially unstoical nature.
If Lord Cromer for long the eminence grise ensuring an Egypt pliant to Britain was a model of heavy-jowled imperturbability then Flora Shaw supporter and later wife of Lugard of East Africa was a live-wire get-you-on-board journalist with the Times (her employer) in her pocket.
Actors suddenly falling to the floor; an alternation between static tableaux and moments of frantic movement; the tension between the exaggerated and mechanical onstage response to a deafening noise and the imperturbability required of the audience: That's what Foreman is about.
Johnson is that perfect mix of passion and imperturbability and will be keeping a very special eye on the Swansea marksman.
In the second poem Borges contrasts his own ephemerality and implicitly his lack of heroism with the eternal moral and physical imperturbability of the knight.
humanist self-actualization, rational emotive behavior therapy [REBT], stoicism and imperturbability, feminist reciprocity and empowerment) and the practices by which such theories enter the lives of clients and can even become part of daily living (such as counseling skills, interventions, and exercises).
In contrast, Rome's representatives looked decidedly western and projected corporate efficiency and sober imperturbability.
6) For Barber, concentration, curiosity, and imperturbability are the hallmarks of the degree of self-discipline that is necessary to be a good broadcaster.