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Sid James is the imperturbable governor maintaining 'the British position' in India.
CARRY ON UP THE KHYBER Film4 5PM Sid James is the imperturbable governor maintaining 'the British position' in India.
We can't continue in this state of limbo,'' he sort of complained, in what for a placid, imperturbable Canadian passes for an explosion of volcanic rage.
Le president de la Republique, lui, en homme pieux et proche du bon Dieu, ecoutait ses invites qui l'appelait a mentir, corrompre, detruire et propager des rumeurs avec un sourire imperturbable sans avoir l'air d'etre gene le moins du monde.
15 preem of "Alex Cross" at the Arclight, playing the imperturbable detective rather than Madea.
London, Sep 9 ( ANI ): Andy Murray's imperturbable coach Ivan Lendl is convinced that whatever may happen in the U.
identificacion imperturbable de la carne de la mujer con el cadaver de
Batting with imperturbable calm, he was content to pick off the loose deliveries with sweetly timed drives and wristy flicks to the on side.
Por ello, y a pesar de las reiteradas denuncias del dispendio en el que esta incurriendo Pena Nieto, el continua imperturbable con su mismo ritmo de campana.
The imperturbable charm that nothing could shift and that he was famous for.
Capitalising on Egyptians' suspicions about Israel's sincerity about peace with its Arab neighbours, scriptwriter Youssef Maati brilliantly portrayed the Israeli Ambassador (Lotfi Labib) as an intimidating and imperturbable diplomat.
Despite over 30 years of struggling with the issue, Rumsfeld remains imperturbable.