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He was attired in a frumpy suit, bur his face spoke generosity, imperturbably patient wisdom, and honesty.
After its conclusion, he announced, imperturbably, that it had not taken place.
Every doctor should be--a little," answered that original imperturbably.
Imperturbably / absorbs weight / creates lightness.
The Seine, old egotist, meanders imperturbably towards the sea, Ruminating on weeds and rain .
You are unsettled by the scientific froideur, the cucumber-calm of the apparently impersonal narrating voice, as it describes imperturbably a system that is ever more abject--to the extent that you perceive the narrator as talking about something that exists.
So fine in "Wedding Crashers" and especially "Definitely, Maybe," Fisher is alive to everything Rebecca might be feeling or wanting at a given moment while also, in the tradition of romantic-comedy greats such as Carole Lombard, Katharine Hepburn and Lucille Ball, being able to stride imperturbably through any disaster and come out on top.
If we give up on this desire, if we are repelled by the obscure scintillation of verse, it is because we have let a different and suspect with triumph over us--the wish, as Mallarme writes, "to flaunt things in all the foreground, imperturbably, like street vendors, animated by the pressure of the instant.
No doubt I have reached the moment of crossing the great divide but I face it imperturbably in the knowledge of having put forward what I see as essential, in the knowledge, if you like, of having called out ahead of me and proclaimed the future aloud.
The imperturbably urbane Bob Warman and his regional television news team were talking about what seemed a pretty pointless exercise, because only the true Brummie is the master of the mangled tones that unfailingly defeat professional stage people, with the exception of natives such as Julie Walters and Jasper Carrott.
In the mid-sixties, I remember watching a cute and imperturbably sincere James Franciscus play Mr.