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Amabelle, by narrating her parents' death completely and imperturbably, is going through a great step from her haunting nightmares, the trauma, to a blunt face-to-face confrontation with her wound.
He also has a Japanese fluency in the handling of clay and, like his compatriot Takeshi Yasuda, appears imperturbably at ease when using unconventional throwing methods with soft clay on the wheel.
"I don't give a damn," he says imperturbably. "When you are correct, you don't give a damn."
It became a `craze' as Malcolm Cowley (1961) tells us that "Young men tried to get up imperturbably as the hero young women of good families took a succession of lovers in the same heart broken fashion as the heroine [and] they all talked like Hemingway characters..
While a great many followers of Hauser continue to believe the unlikely account, the majority of medical investigations reject his story as utterly implausible and full of absurdities; he is dismissed as "a pathological swindler, who in addition to his hysterical makeup, probably had the persistence of a paranoid personality since he was able to play his role so imperturbably. From many reports on his behaviour one can recognize the hysterical as well as the paranoid trend of his personality" (Leonhard 1970: 229).
A serene moon imperturbably drove her nocturnal steeds, ignoring the despairing poet's desperate pleas offered to the implacable home of the gods on the Palatine (27-40).
"Ah, I did, yes," he said, imperturbably, and went on to say that I had included too much clinical material from the doctors I had interviewed and the people at the clinic in Malaga, people who didn't know Jane when she was "herself." The Jane who was then, the Jane before the stroke, he insisted, was basically a happy person.
However, Rosenthal is so imperturbably preoccupied with her meditations on the intellectual framework she is attempting to put into place that the reader quickly forgets about Modernism as a historical period or set of aesthetic strategies, and instead looks (often in vain) for the interpretive payoff that Rosenthal's ponderous, jargon-laden, and allusive style seems to promise.
He was attired in a frumpy suit, bur his face spoke generosity, imperturbably patient wisdom, and honesty.
After its conclusion, he announced, imperturbably, that it had not taken place."
"Every doctor should be--a little," answered that original imperturbably. "I have a little theory which you Messieurs who go out there must help me to prove."
/ Imperturbably / absorbs weight / creates lightness.