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Percent of impervious surface has been recognized as a key indicator of impacts to watersheds due to urbanization.
In 2003 WMD used GIS, and in 2002 the department used aerial photos for impervious surface mapping, but did not use any satellite imagery.
However, research by Dr Chris Walsh of the Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology at Monash University shows that water sensitive urban design approaches that reduce the connection between impervious surfaces and drainage systems could be the most effective way of protecting urban stream biota.
Construction, roads, parking lots and roofs play a role in reducing natural ground cover and increasing impervious areas, which leads to more surface runoff.
Impervious to this day to the more than two million Vietnamese the U.S.
This is a totally impervious formulation, which makes it suitable for use in wet process areas or where steam cleaning is required.
It is easy to set up and calibrate, interfaces to numerous controls, and is virtually impervious to EMI emissions.
Technical information is available on a polyol that is said to make solid polyurethane elastomers impervious to wet or humid environments.
General Motors was a sovereign economic state, imperious and impervious. "If they wanted to wipe out everybody by 1980," one American Motors executive said of GM in 1976, "the only one who could stop them is the government" We all know how that story turned out.
The leachate properties for various sands need to be tested case by case, but most problem substances in the foundry sand are completely encapsulated in impervious materials and therefore harmless.
produces envelopes with an adhesive impervious to the laser's heat.
Determining the impervious surface area is regarded as the best way to assess the impact a given property would have on the stormwater system, village officials say.