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Several methodologies exist for estimating impervious surface cover based on analysis of remote-sensing imagery (Slonecker et al.
The combination of soils, plants, and water retention can remove pollutants from a large impervious surface.
In the urban environment, meeting the Water Quality and Quantity Control requirements can be more difficult since space is literally at a premium and these urban sites generally have more impervious area with less space for stormwater management.
CLF is working to ensure that communities achieve the full potential of this program by better managing stormwater runoff and by promoting smart growth practices that minimize impervious surface coverage.
The purpose of this study was to estimate the amount of impervious surface that could potentially be created by urbanization in the Damascus Urban Growth Boundary Expansion area in northern Clackamas County, Oregon.
While many cities bill for stormwater management by charging property owners based on average parcel size and land use, Denver's WMD bills property owners based on actual property size and total impervious surface area contained within the property.
Australia's sensitive and rare endemic water bugs are in decline around our urban fringes because streams and waterways are receiving unnatural runoff from the impervious surfaces laid in developed areas.
Homophobia" is a made-up word, undefined, and in fact impervious to any reasonable definition.
It is impervious to moisture, dirt, and bacterial and fungal contamination.
As a result, "super bugs" impervious to drugs can take hold of the fish.
Humiliation and failure would explode it, whereas true peace is impervious to events.
My wife was beginning to waver but I remained impervious to Vicky's demands--until my wife and I read her message to Father Christmas: `Please can I have a puppy, signed Vicky.