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High-resolution imagery from the multi-resolution NLCD 2002 mapping effort will be utilized to quantify canopy closure and imperviousness in urban areas of Kentucky.
Instead the new story describes two individuals who fear that their entrapment may be revealed and who are engaged in "the vain courting of imperviousness in the face of exposure" ("Writing and Analyzing a Story," p.
40) The play, however, sets up her imperviousness to time only to focus intently on her departure from life at the end, a fate she fights: 'I dream
Undaunted by sudden rain, Cash "takes up the saw again; again it moves up and down, in and out of that unhurried imperviousness as a piston moves in the oil .
THANKS TO a conservative firestorm over a depiction of President Reagan's long-lamented imperviousness to the AIDS crisis, none of us is going to see The Reagans, at least for now.
What makes "Beata Santa" more disturbing than a mere diatribe against the inflexibility and cynical propagandizing of institutionalized religion is the narrator's confession of his deep fascination for Marianna's misfortune and for her imperviousness to the aura of orchestrated "saintliness" with which the Church surrounded her.
Such a combination of dormant accounts and imperviousness to cross-selling activities is expensive for banks, who very often do not even realise it is happening.
The study examined the 20 most sprawling metro areas in the country and estimated the imperviousness of new development in each region, factoring in soil types and rainfall patterns.
This same argument may explain the anorexic's imperviousness to cure.
Given the strange imperviousness of 'cargo cult' to Western rationalist discourse noted by Wagner (1979:164), specific 'cargo cult' texts thus evince a kind of 'madness' in trying to explain the impossible and irrational: because of the irruption of hysterical mimetic expressions of disorder within their rational discourse, 'cargo cult' texts have to go to great lengths to arrive at rational sensible explanations and interpretations as evinced in their highly abstract and contradictory nature.
Health, whether of the body or of the soul, is pictured here as a certain sort of imperviousness, a capacity to resist depredations on one's internal ordering of oneself; to be well is to exercise a particular sort of well-ordered self-determination.
Public health officials blame overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics for the steady increase in bacterial imperviousness, but they also note that germs naturally develop resistance over time.