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A relatively large pervious area within the sub-catchments and the effect of mixed land use have resulted in lower imperviousness.
Sites in our ground-based temperature monitor network in the Detroit metropolitan region (Wayne County, MI) were selected, with site SI values ranging from 0 to 100% imperviousness and with buffer zones around each site ranging from 0 to 800 m.
floor, they were, at last, imperviousness in motion.
This explains your imperviousness to the lice everybody else got as a kid.
And if there is one big scandal about Peninsular Studies, it is not its animosity against theory, as was widely believed in the 80s and early 90s, but rather its imperviousness to the full range of cultural and linguistic diversity within the Iberian Peninsula.
Goalkeepers become more acquainted with penitence than exaltation, developing compressed liturgies to build conviction concerning their goal's imperviousness.
Modernism continues to be defined by its seeming imperviousness to critical definitions, generating a proliferating array of literary critical discriminants, chronologies, and canons.
Ideological imperviousness to reality made the years 2001-2009 a decade of lost opportunities to address pressing international issues.
It is nonetheless interesting that imperviousness to fire and pain are taken as signs in other cultures of spirit possession (Cardena, Van Duijl, Weiner, & Terhune, 2009), and of course anaesthesia is a well known phenomenon of hypnosis (Patterson & Jensen, 2003).
Cairo's role as the burial place of many powerful saints and holy figures, not least of whom is Al-Hussein, Seddik explains, was considered the reason for its imperviousness to attack.
I thought it was a defining moment in a season that challenged the imperviousness of football and old certainties.