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The CM asked the people to give a verdict " for their honour by voting for National Conference and voting against those who used separatist platform and exploited thousands of young boys to their youthful graves to reach a stage where they could impetuously jump in to the lap of RSS".
To take it into one's head to do something--to impetuously decide to do something [BNC--16; COCA--24 (2012-1990)].
The ghost of establishment threat that their certain segments rake up so suggestively and so impetuously is more to do with their imbibed paranoia than with objective realities.
Also the order of the songs--to me this seemed the best, starting impetuously, going to the grand, and then to comment about old & new songs and then to the troubling Quatrains and finishing with an emphatic "End.
Godfrey's luck changes when a spoiled socialite named Irene Bullock impetuously hires him as the new butler for her wealthy but ditzy family.
The restaurant itself was one of the last things she impetuously agreed to buy.
First, it was an Order of Malta jeep rather than an ambulance; second, there was no question of theft; and third, while Mullins acted impetuously and was firmly in the wrong, there were mitigating circumstances.
One member impetuously asks what his torturers did to him during his eight years in captivity, unsettling the congressman who we've seen struggle under scrutiny in the past.
Nina happens to be the daughter of their former get-away driver, Hirsch (Arkin), whom the guys impetuously decide to rescue from his nursing home.
But when Merida's mother Elinor (voice of Emma Thompson) does not listen to her appeals, the girl rides off and impetuously, without regard for consequences, gets her mother turned into an Ursus arctos horribilis.
This March, China publicized new regulations for the local tire making industry, raising the threshold for newcomers and holding insiders back to impetuously invest in output of lower-end products to curb an output boom.