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Overall, Mian Nawaz Sharif will have to restrain his natural impetuousness to dominate the military and call the shots in daily affairs.
Well, Morsi's mistakes, his impetuousness and his uncompromising attitude concerning the amending of the constitution could be criticized, but how could they pit a democratically elected president and a coup general against each other?
Iosif (who reportedly accepted her now out of pity--the latter realizing probably that his former wife was bullied in her matrimony) with the impetuousness and savageness of Anghel.
As such, he's not within a stone of fellow seven-year-old Sprinter Sacre for the 2014 Champion Chase, but his continuing impetuousness surely rules out three miles for now.
that the Music Director had covered like that of Bayreuth, brooded with dark impetuousness and urgency.
Fueled by Chavez's impetuousness, the CAIV's compound of social halls, a synagogue, and offices in leafy San Bernardino has taken on the air of a besieged bunker, the last fort being held before sounding the general retreat.
Joint traits for both genders include wisdom, sensitivity (self-pity, sadness, empathy), stubbornness, good-hearted, shyness, impetuousness, happiness, and hedonism.
Finally, we believe that it would be worthwhile to examine whether personality traits such as impulsiveness, impetuousness, minute attention to detail, responsibility, the locus on control, etc.
110) The virtual social identity widely ascribed to black people--of criminality, impetuousness, promiscuity, stupidity, sloth--obscures and sublimates black individuals' actual identity, undermining individuality.
Escalante has fine moments, particularly in the balcony scene, where she hits just the right balance of dreamy longing and adolescent impetuousness.
James's torment and impetuousness is well described, his character becoming more sympathetic and believable as the story reaches its conclusion.