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Audi maintains that the acquisition of these patents would offer "new impetus for the development of hydrogen fuel-cell drive systems at Audi, VW and the Volkswagen Group".
In this exercise, we refrain from measuring the stance of fiscal policy using econometric techniques and instead focus on developing a simple method to measure fiscal impetus that allows us to compare historical data from the National Income and Product Accounts (NIPAs), produced by the U.
The Impetus Data Warehouse Workload Migration solution addresses this objective by providing enterprises with the ability to identify and safely migrate data, extract/transform/load (ETL) processing and large scale analytics from the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to a big data warehouse (BDW) based on Hadoop ecosystem technologies.
Impetus Waste Management, which formed in 2003 and is one of the UK's fastest growing independently-owned waste management businesses, has won a 20-year contract to supply waste feedstock to the power generation industry.
Signing of the treaty establishing the Eurasian Economic Union is expected to give a powerful impetus to the cooperation between our countries, strengthening of trade and economic cooperation, creation of new industries," Mukhanov said.
Impetus - a leading waste management and property group in the North East - was founded in 2003 and four years later Ian Hunter became the majority shareholder.
I consider this as an impetus for what I have to do in future in order to deserve this award," Hsan told media here today.
David Gor-vett, CEO Impetus Automotive, (seated left) with MP Chris White (centre) and pupils of North Leamington School with teacher Bob Hodge
Through these channels, Impetus Automotive will offer insight-led consultancy delivered by industry experts and driven by a 'customer first' approach.
A result perhaps would have given us some impetus today, but we didn't get it, so therefore we need to look to strengthen the team.
In their joint letter, the two EU leaders have characterized this as a possible impetus for accession negotiations, given the institution of the requisite democratic reforms.
PARACHINAR, December 06, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The Para-Chamkani tribesmen here on Thursday demanded restoration of civic facilities in their areas to help minimize suffering of tribal people and give further impetus to development process.