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Thus the "cultivated garden is (1) an attempt to stay in touch with nature, (2) an expression of an expanded consciousness, and (3) a sign of one's ability and means to afford and create such a sanctuary" (4) The clear goodness of (1) and (2), above, are erased in the impiety of (3).
Euripides's oeuvre likewise situates divine retribution as the imposed repetition of existing impiety and ritual negligence, and Bacchae provides a stark and distressing instantiation of this pattern.
How far, one wonders, did the later 16th-century equation of Michelangelo's forceful figures with impiety reflect wider, spiritually inflected understandings of the distinctions Cole is interested in?
Just as Varro is commonly understood to have depicted the earliest Romans as aniconic in an effort to cope with the social and political conditions of the Late Republic, a time in which the influx of Greek culture led to extravagance and impiety, von Ehrenkrook posits that Josephus depicts the Jews as aniconic in order to help dispel some of the anti-Jewish sentiment in Rome.
He was accused of impiety (political motives may have played a role as in the case of Socrates) and sentenced to death (but he fled Athens, unlike Socrates, who stayed and died for his beliefs and principles).
He leaves us with the distinct impression that Xerxes's final defeat had more to do with Persian impiety than with Greek military strategy or moral superiority.
The author of the preface to the 1739 collective edition of her tales, who, as some critics suspect, might have been Richardson himself, extols Aubin's "one uniform end which was the principal scope of her writings; the mending of the hearts of her readers, the encouragement of religion and virtue and the discountenancing of impiety and vice".
One only needs to read a few of Johnson's works to realize that he could have had no idea of the political enormities and nightmares that lay in the future, in the much heralded "age of progress and rationality'' foretold by French philosophers the likes of Voltaire and Rousseau, whom Johnson so despised for their impiety and hardheadedness.
13) Perhaps a good measure of the power of education was that Socrates' open-minded thinking became so provocative that the authorities felt it necessary to execute him allegedly on the grounds of impiety and corrupting youth, but really for his provocative philosophical inquiries.
People know what acts stem from their impiety toward the environment and what actions are corrective and emanate from their spiritual piety in terms of environmental protection.
Despite Savonarola's increasing popularity with ordinary Christians, his sermons against impiety, immorality, corrupt clergy, gambling, astrology, taxation of poor, avarice and usury raised the brows of bankers and merchants, and finally they were noted also by Pope Alexander VI, who kept mistresses and fathered illegitimate children, and whose insatiable greed for gold was well-known.