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obtetus (Say), Megacerus impiger (Horn), Sennius rufomaculatus (Motschulsky) y Zabrotes subfasciatus (Boheman); en tanto que las especies monofagas en total sumaron 51 especies (Cuadro 2).
Chennai, Dec 15 (ANI): Chennai based software development company, Impiger Technologies, has a launched a new iPhone app that allows users to send personalized voice greetings.
Impiger extremos currit mercator ad Indos per mare pauperiem fugiens, per saxa, per ignis.
The description of Wales and of the Welsh above, appears shortly before the Gesta author's recounting of various "disturbances" following the death of Henry I (1135) and reflects these concerns: "Rex [Stephen of England] igitur ad regnum tranquillandum, ad pacem componedam, uti superius prolatum est, impiger existere.
Impiger at genitor, simul ac vernantia flore prata novo rident, tectis se surripit altis crudelisque domi sobolem cum matre relinquit.
The cricket fever has gripped Indians worldwide and we launched this to help cricket buffs across the world keep a tab on their favorite game," says Jude Ramayya, CEO - Impiger Technologies.
Chennai based Impiger Technologies is providing this service free to over 7 lakh candidates who appeared for the 2010 plus two exams, results of which are expected on May 12.
com has launched India's first online tests for UPSC Civil Services preliminary exams, backed by a robust test engine from Texas-based Impiger Technologies.