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The C-Spray System features an impinge mix gun that is capable of circulating two component chemicals through the gun impingement rod and back to the supply reservoirs when not spraying.
Whether physically shown, or merely muscle and flesh providing the motion for the prosthetic of pen, pencil, or camera, or present through the intensity of an absence, the body and the worldly systems that surround and impinge upon it are the source of endless contemplation.
Utilitarian details such as eaves, gutters or drainpipes do not impinge on the spooky purity of the abstract volumes.
Shakespeare's Noise actively engages with legal definitions of slander and libel as these impinge on metaphoric and philosophical meanings.
Flipping through these pages shows that, more than any of his fellow sculptors, Cragg reintegrates discordant traditions, notably those of the readymade and of "formalism," of abstraction and of figuration, even of sculpture and of painting (since his multicolored plastic wall pieces of the early '80s clearly impinge upon pictorial issues, at once paralleling and criticizing the figurative painting of their day while definitively liberating him from the influence of Carl Andre, to whose art all of Cragg's work of the '70s had been a series of imaginative rejoinders).
The organization is also opposing legislation which might impinge upon the rights of cooperative boards to approve apartment transfers.
Tadao Ando's involvement with Naoshima Island dates back to the late 1980s, when he first designed a museum for contemporary art, conceived as a series of typically ascetic containers partially submerged underground so as to impinge as lightly as possible on the landscape.
Chris Highley's compelling account of the impact of Ireland on English Renaissance culture from 1580 to 1603 raises questions of race, class, and gender that impinge upon other texts and contexts.
Confusing Strategy with Tactics-In a budgetary sense, the more that expenses of a marketing program impinge on a foundry's survival power, the more strategic they become.
Great care was taken to impinge as lightly as possible on the fabric of the building.
Giorgio Chittolini describes these states as pluralistic in that the prince's sovereignty and authority in financial, military, and judicial matters is recognized so long as it does not impinge on the rights and privileges of local social bodies and ruling classes.