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Instead, these fields of experience impinge upon and enrich one another.
For us the selected exchange control measures do not -- and I would like to emphasize -- do not impinge upon any of the rights of direct foreign investors in these areas,'' she told a press conference at the end of the annual ASEAN trade ministers meeting.
Whether physically shown, or merely muscle and flesh providing the motion for the prosthetic of pen, pencil, or camera, or present through the intensity of an absence, the body and the worldly systems that surround and impinge upon it are the source of endless contemplation.
The organization is also opposing legislation which might impinge upon the rights of cooperative boards to approve apartment transfers.
The past is valuable insofar as it continues to impinge upon the present and future, either through direct influence or by offering enriching alternatives to contemporary ways of thinking and acting.
Trees may block light, impinge upon the utilization of solar energy, cause the growth of moss, harbor plant disease, retard the growth of grass, harbor rodents, interfere with snow and ice removal, as well as interfere with the enjoyment of views, including the undermining of property values.
Although there is no discernible pattern of character, theme, or emotional construct, certain repetitive details impinge upon the reader's consciousness: a prevailing anonymity, tropistic instances of dejection/rejection, an inability to establish enduring relationships.
By situating their experiences within a broader historical and theoretical context, we may better appreciate the factors that impinge upon their current agendas and affect their social movements.
Correspondingly, parents face a host of new and baffling issues that impinge upon effective caregiving and preparation of their children for the adult world.
Other rights are granted to an individual as long as they do not impinge upon the freedom of action of other individuals.
As national security issues frequently remind us, heightened security may sometimes threaten to impinge upon individual rights; unlike GPS-based systems, CAMPUS SECURE identifies and locates individuals only when the device is activated.
The Indian claims impinge upon Pakistans territorial limits in Sir Greek area and encroach upon its territorial waters, which are within its sovereign jurisdiction, the letter tells the UN chief.