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The heat transfer from the wall to the impinged droplet, the breakup process of the impinging droplets are owing to the boiling phenomena and the dispersion of the breakup droplets are improved in the spray impingement model for the high temperature wall.
Conflicts with the aborigines, whose rights are being impinged upon, cause much hardship and bloody grief.
His vehicle for this undertaking is the nagging problem surrounding gentrification and entrepreneurialism, themes that have impinged mightily on English society as well as historiography.
Of course, on other days, reality and gravity impinged upon the accomplishment, but he was masterful.
A unique scoop mechanism eliminates the misting problems created when the centrate is allowed to over-flow the bowl cover and be impinged against the centrifuge case.
Needless to say, notions on the sanctity of life never impinged on Joseph Stalin's consciousness the way a decreasing workforce did.
Especially notable are Hay's fateful encounter with the psychiatric establishment (and with a failed straight marriage) and his exit from Mattachine when its radical politics were impinged upon by assimilationist members.
This fascinating study of cultural practices in early modern England and of the ways in which those practices impinged on audience response to the drama of the period is at once traditional and postmodern, pragmatic and theoretical.
In converting the buildings, Fuksas has impinged very lightly on the old structures, leaving the architecture to speak for itself; but his poetic response to it, and to the superb setting, is very evident, as is his talent for enhancing inherent architectural drama.
In Enron's case, that meant disclosing all the details of related-party transactions, what the debtors' liabilities hidden in those partnerships were and how they impinged on the company.
All of which had never impinged upon our respect for him.