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Head of environmental services Rob Nichols was hardly going to tell us that recent cuts in council expenditure had impinged upon the manpower and services required to clean our streets and protect our aged drainage system.
This is the economic reality and it cannot be impinged upon by the provincial politics of this corner of Ireland, and of the world.
To the point where some individuals may feel their basic rights have been impinged upon.
If you want to do this at home, try to be mindful of other residents, if there are any, for they may not appreciate their space being impinged upon, especially if you start moving things around without talking it through
Gerry Tobin was a person with his own work life, his own social life, his own private life, none of these lives, which he enjoyed, was entitled to continue to enjoy, in any way impinged upon your lives.
There was also evidence indicating that a catwalk railing was broken and impinged upon elevator control cables.
I say that whatever covenant I have with God--and I assume most people do--it's not impinged upon by moron homosexual guys having parades in San Francisco.
Conflicts with the aborigines, whose rights are being impinged upon, cause much hardship and bloody grief.
Though a few brave souls sat the chorus out, the issue of this unthinking tradition impinged upon what was a thoughtful, well-considered presentation of the oratorio from Birmingham Festival Choral Society on Sunday.
In subsequent chapters, Pomfret takes up attempts to ameliorate conditions that impinged upon the young outside workplaces, in public spaces, and parallel efforts to mold and mobilize them symbolically and politically.
Of course, on other days, reality and gravity impinged upon the accomplishment, but he was masterful.
The rules are there to protect the game at international level and its decision has impinged upon the credibility of this level of football and has also sent a signal to the smaller nations in the world game that when it comes to the crunch you will not support these smaller federations.