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to enhance its internal controls, saying the unit impinged upon the Securities and Exchange Law.
One child we know whose speech failed to develop by the end of her second year had swollen adenoids, which impinged upon the ear canal.
The precious skyline of Edinburgh should be impinged upon with the greatest caution.
Another chapter describes the organizations involved in the halibut industry and their origins and leaders, as well as the international agreements that impinged upon the halibut fishery and halibut management and research.
this court vacates the preliminary injunction on May 13, 1999 and finds that the plaintiff was guilty of unclean hands in its application for injunctive relief as plaintiff has engaged in conduct of misrepresentation, misstatements and unreliable information substantially related to the issues in the litigation which seriously impinged upon deceit, unconscionability and bad faith.
PAC member Rashid Godail also suggested the government to enhance defense budget because our neighbour country India has increased its defense spending manifold that has impinged upon our defence preparation.
I was interested in seeing how contemporaneous culture impinged upon archaeology," he says.
She added: "The law is supposed to be protecting the vulnerable but the rights of the vulnerable are being impinged upon.
It explains this phenomenon by examining the planters' concerns about the change in their social and economic status and several factors that impinged upon the Imperial Government's ability to bring the metropolitan ideal within close range of the apprentices.
Especially notable are Hay's fateful encounter with the psychiatric establishment (and with a failed straight marriage) and his exit from Mattachine when its radical politics were impinged upon by assimilationist members.
It's still kind of dicey whether Apple Computers will survive in an increasingly Window-ed world, where even traditional strongholds such as digital post-production are being impinged upon.