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On January 15, 10 impingers were aligned on Frostproof Road (Figure 1).
A second set of impingers containing deionized water was operated and handled in the same manner except that the hexane rinse was not done.
Similarly, the more volatile components that did not condense on the sample mask were carried over to the impingers where they were extracted, collected, and characterized.
The method of capturing acetaldehyde, propionaldehyde, and acrolein using strictly water in chilled impingers was not suitable; however, the compounds were still recovered in the sampling procedure.
It should be noted, however, that the use of impingers does have limitations.
5 L/min sample of the exhaust gas through impingers containing cold water (Fig.
It is possible that the all-glass impingers provided better collection of other organisms or less collection of Staphylococcus spp.
In these tests, impingers were used to sample, as was done in the experiments.
01 by bubbling a gas sample through water in chilled impingers and absorbing the HAPs into the water phase.
5 L/min using all-glass impingers (AGI-30; Ace Glass, Vineland, NJ) designed to collect respirable particles, including bioaerosols, with an aerodynamic diameter < 5 [micro]m.
Settling plates are suitable for locating point sources where larger particles are generated; centrifugal samplers provide an easy and rapid means for taking numerous samples of the gross airborne bioburden where size and temporal considerations are unimportant; and the low-shear-force liquid impingers are ideal for the recovery of stressed organisms and therefore provide the best recovery of the widest range of airborne microorganisms.
The MC of the gas from the veneer dryer was lower than that from the kiln, low enough that we did not accumulate water in the impingers during the NCASI 98.