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On January 16, 10 impingers were placed in a northsouth orientation along Van Eegan Road (Figure 1).
The samples of BHA solution from the impingers were extracted three times with hexane in a separatory funnel to transfer the oximes in the hexane phase while the water-soluble compounds remained in the aqueous phase.
The method of capturing acetaldehyde, propionaldehyde, and acrolein using strictly water in chilled impingers was not suitable; however, the compounds were still recovered in the sampling procedure.
It should be noted, however, that the use of impingers does have limitations.
Dual sampling trains each containing three impingers collected gas from a laboratory lumber dry kiln.
Three glass impingers were each filled with 30 mL of brain heart infusion broth (BD Biosciences).
The impingers were in a stirred glycol solution maintained at -1[degrees]C.
Effect of sampling time on the collection efficiency of all-glass impingers.
The sampling methods were changed so that the performance of the absorber was measured using a total hydrocarbon analyzer and two chilled impinger trains.
Most impingers are designed to operate by drawing aerosols through an inlet tube that is curved to simulate the nasal passage.
2002), additional emissions were reported with a list of approximately 70 compounds that were detected by capturing the compounds in impingers and on adsorbants during drying at 100[degrees]C.