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Figure 12 shows the simulation results of the relative pressure distribution and the relative velocity vector before the anchor impinges on the core.
Opening up one petal necessarily impinges on others.
Phillips reassured her there was no evidence that placing young children in good-quality child care impinges on the parent-child bond or stops babies from thriving.
They have done so by making innovatory use of glass to form a new structure that impinges upon the old, and by creating a procession through the museum that physically takes the visitor back in time.
When a virus impinges on cells' ability to function, IL-6 release attracts immune cells to that site.
Faced in Lisbon with a number of disparate and separate parts, he has established a sequence of spaces in which the new lightly impinges on the old, extends it and links it.
Ho and his colleagues also have observed that the gas streamer seems to originate where a supernova remnant impinges on the molecular cloud.