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Scheduling of the abatement directly impinges upon the overall construction scheduling, and a plan should be developed wherein construction can continue in one area of the building while asbestos abatement is performed in another.
They have done so by making innovatory use of glass to form a new structure that impinges upon the old, and by creating a procession through the museum that physically takes the visitor back in time.
As a rule, pressed blocks should be placed in the mold system so that the initial hot metal impinges upon them to promote the initial reaction.
The appeal states that the decision is inconsistent with the Cibola Forest Plan, fails to protect Las Huertas Creek, ignores and misrepresents public comment, fails to assess accumulative impact on environmental resources, and impinges upon the rights of Native Americans to freely practice their religion.
Safdie's integrity and, therefore, impinges upon the stature and reputation of the CFP([R]) certification marks.