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(37.) Katsura, N, Saito, M., Senda, J., and Fujimoto, H., "Characteristics of a Diesel Spray Impinging on a Flat Wall," SAE Technical Paper 890264, 1989, doi:10.4271/890264.
The horizontal axis shows the time, and the left vertical axis shows the relative current I/[I.sub.max], and right vertical axis shows the relative anchor velocity, v/[v.sub.impinge], I is the measured or calculated current value and [I.sub.max] is the measured or calculated maximum current value, v is the measured or calculated anchor velocity and the [v.sub.impinge] is the measured or calculated anchor-core impinging velocity.
The heat transfer from the impinging jets is characterized by the Nusselt number.
The presence of a crossflow tends to disturb the impinging jet pattern, thicken wall boundary layers, and degrade transfer rates.
On the other hand, if the electrolyte can be impinged cathode surface by impinging electrolyte jets, that is one of the convective heat and mass transfer enhancement techniques, the thickness of Nerst diffusion layer near the cathode will be decreased.
Most of the above works are based on geometric parameters of the cooling structure; in real applications, new cooling techniques are another way to get enhancement of the conventional impinging cooling.
The physical properties of Epoxy plate with copper foil (common material for printed circuit board) have been considered for impinging surface.
An experimental analysis has been performed from confined impinging jets by Guerra et al.
The authors discuss how gender bias operates in this scenario by directly impinging upon the process of remuneration.
The Commons authorities argued that disclosure of information beyond that already published would be unfair and would breach the Data Protection Act by impinging on MPs' privacy.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 23, 2006 - (JCN) - The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) announced on January 20 that its Research Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Chemistry, in collaboration with Osaka Organic Chemical Industry, has developed a multistage impinging microreactor for producing pharmaceutical intermediates.
Some may say that banning hooded tops is impinging people's personal freedom.