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We had said very clearly that we are willing for any discussion immediately, if the government shows its bonafide by cancelling 142 coal blocks and also ordering a fair probe without impinging upon our demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister," said Prasad.
MANY property developers will have questioned the need to protect the Great Crested Newt, as it has held up many developments that risked impinging upon its habitat.
The Toolonranta Restaurant in Helsinki has been designed by Hyvamaki Karhunen Parkkinen Architects to exploit the beauty of the setting while impinging upon it as discreetly as possible.
Carroll argues that Chettle could not confess his authorship, as he did with the epistle to the second part of Anthony Munday's Gerileon (1592), because of almost certain legal entanglements impinging upon the inclusion of "Lamilias Fable" in Groatsworth.
All these serious issues impinging upon the national security, integrity of data, sanctity of data, security audit of data being collected, must be properly addressed and timeframe within which the National Population Register is going to be finalised.
Notwithstanding the significance of the sector, unemployment of professional vets, non-transparent promotion mechanisms, ramshackle condition of vet hospitals and their illegal occupation are impinging upon the performance of the practising vets, he pointed out.
Meng Guoping, a senior officer with the General Staff Headquarters of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), said breakneck and often illegal construction has long been impinging upon places that were once controlled by the military and has affected the country's preparedness for combat.
The Institute of Company Secretaries of India is committed to promoting good corporate governance and has played a pivotal role in creating awareness on various issues impinging upon corporate governance," said Jain.