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It also admitted the shouts and ceaseless laughter of the impish Tottenhots as they played outside, but Dorothy and Ojo, being weary from their journey, were soon fast asleep.
The candle wick burned long, and was topped by a little cap of fiery red that seemed to wink at us like an impish gnome.
A taunting roar comes from the sea, and the far-out rollers mount upon one another, to look at the entrapped impostors, and to join in impish and exultant gambols.
Anne could run like a deer, however; run she did with the impish result that she overtook the boys at the door and was swept into the schoolhouse among them just as Mr.
On Saturday, the Japanese character played by DJ Kosaka Daimaou released 'I Like Orange Juice,' a minute-long jingle that professes Piko-Taro's impish love for orange juice.
Director Asif Kapadia never loses focus on Winehouse's impish charm and rapier-like sense of humour.
com)-- Impish Lee, a sister-owned, NY-made, customizable lingerie brand, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of impishlee.
impish lit NOSTALGIA Toon in the Toon in the Newcastle quiz Sport "Attwell created 'Mischief ',' a rotund impish little boy, g e n e r-ally depicted holding a large ginger nut, which be - came the Wright's company trademark.
NEW DELHI (AP) -- Actress and dancer Zohra Sehgal, who charmed viewers with her impish grin and twinkling eyes, has died of heart failure in New Delhi at age 102.
5) Inger Nilsson played the impish "Pippi Longstocking," based on the series of books by Astrid Lindgren.
Shayne just seven year old, Impish, but more precious than gold.
The company's latest concept car - described as playful but gutsy, sturdy yet impish - will be unveiled at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show.