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The latest by little-known Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan is just one such example, managing to blend the heavyweight tunesmith's chops of Damien Rice, the chamber pop prowess of Andrew Bird, while adding a little of Badly Drawn Boy's early impishness into the mix.
That impishness expresses itself not merely in the well-crafted story and dialogues, but also in the cinematic language of the film.
There's an impishness about you that can also take hold.
They just winked at the Israeli trashing of international law and convention as doting guardians would at the impishness of a naughty ward.
Although the diligent translator may strive to be accurate, the impishness of speech thwarts that ambition at every turn.
It argues that unlike straightforward resistance autobiography, Masekela's Still Grazing (2004) is an odd mixture of resistance autobiography, minstrel self-invention, skollie impishness and the internationalisation of his self.
He has Johnny's generosity, his inner strength, his beauty, his impishness, his charisma, and his determination of spirit.
Some of the dialogue is funny, but elsewhere it's flat and rushed, and he seems to have run out of fresh ideas for court cases: Tonight's, about a black girl wanting to star in the musical ``Annie,'' works thanks only to the young actress' impishness.
There is a look almost of impishness on the infant Jesus's face.
civilized, with a touch of impishness, like Tolkien and Lewis and
Uchida's impishness and sense of acceptance is strengthened by the constant support of his gently radiant wife (Kyoko Kagawa), and even survives the Allied bombs that force them to move to a doorless hut on a bombed-out estate.
People even use the term to express impishness, as in addressing a mischievous child as "You little devil.