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The word "abolitionism" was most often used as "a slander meant to convey what many Americans considered its essential qualities: unreason, impatience, implacability.").
While this book is deeply revealing about the intricacies and maladies of urban governance, it does carry the risk of inviting cynicism in the face of the seeming implacability of the rules and habitual practices of city planning that are piece-meal, ad hoc, dominated on a ward-by-ward basis by a coalition of local city councilors and "local champions" and/or "squeaky wheels," and thus short-sighted and parochial, and works to reinforce inequality and exclusion.
From this standpoint, a certain implacability is visible even in Mahmood's capacious account of what constitutes critique.
Two characteristic tensions of biography arise out of the relation between the biographer and his subject and out of the conflict between the demands of simulation and the implacability of facts.
Indeed, the Nazis thought of their persecution of Jews in just this way: they seem to have both thought of the forced extinction of European Jews as "natural" (i.e., the Nazis were nature's ethnic-cleansing agents) and carried out that persecution with the absolute implacability of cataclysm.
Such is the political implacability on this issue that even the keystone incident of aACAyBraveheart' in December 2012 in Delhi, which created an unprecedented public outrage in India, could not make a dent in it.
When I look at this picture I think, Boldness, Implacability, Disgruntlement, a lack of interest in Guile.
This is suicide as a cry against implacability, as big history sweeps down upon the little man.
This increases their implacability across different plants and companies.
These lucky finds--things and persons apparently passing before a kind of camera trap that freezes them in their natural habitat--only seem to grow in significance when set against against the implacability of the wall face, a surface whose material history and psychic weather Fletcher knows intimately.
Selected Letters does not entirely disprove the "caricature" that Putzi and Stockton dispute; Stoddard's frequent reflections on her character--her "devilish implacability" and few "good qualities of disposition"--and the number of ruptured friendships and perceived rivalries to which she alludes even in this small selection of letters suggest that she was indeed a difficult, and often bitter, woman (114, 169).
The key point of Mackiewicz's message is that the communist system constitutes "the greatest danger to the world since it began." (3) Mackiewicz's implacability and perseverance in voicing this opinion came not only from personal experience (direct encounters with life under communism), but also from a detailed knowledge of the mechanism of Soviet propaganda that he studied for many years.