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Kim Jong-il, predictably, met the US disregard and South Korean implacability with confrontational measures of his own.
Bostom claims here that, "The myth of a golden age of Islamic rationalism plays a critical role in maintaining the somnolence of America's establishment in grasping the implacability of political jihad.
74) Muhammad, being given the pleroma of the divine virtues, manifested Divine Justice as well; if the Prophet was to survive the first years of his preaching, a self-giving and pacifistic life was not in his purview, for only implacability against the attacks of his persecutors and the surrounding tribes would allow him to succeed.
The mythopoetic language here resonates as Santiago's admiration for the fish collides with the implacability of his fisherman's code.
Forgacs aims in his oeuvre to arrive at similar implacability by visual means in order to make these suppressed and silenced subjects a part of Hungarian and European collective memory (following cultural icons like Martin Buber and Claude Levi-Strauss, Forgacs received the Erasmus Prize "awarded to a person or institution which has made an exceptionally important contribution to culture in Europe" in 2007 (<http://www.
implacability they celebrate are in fact less those of the soldier
Unlike the villagers, he knows nothing of nature's power and implacability.
Fundamentally an optimist, he sees laughter--and love, for him inevitably linked to death--as a balm for the existential despair that is our lot: we are born to die, victims of the implacability of time, the relentlessness of entropy, and the caprices of chance.
And it is precisely that anger, fierceness, and implacability to which McNally was responding in his tetralogy, in the process heralding a third stage of identity politics: the creation of a postgay identity of sorts.
There are powerful performances from Jonny Phillips as a misguided Siward, Siobhan Redmond as an impenetrable queen Gruach and Brian Ferguson who trots out the most outrageous views with a calm implacability.
But McGoogan gives colourful illustration to a trait common to many of the Scots in his book: relentless implacability.
efforts to counter its influence as part of an agenda to weaken Palestinians at the expense of Israel, hoping to convince Palestinians of Israel's implacability and of the futility of peace negotiations aimed at Palestinian statehood.