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But as the authors point out in Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944-1945, "No organized unit of the Japanese Imperial Army surrendered during the entire Pacific war until they were ordered to do so by the emperor, after Japan had formally agreed to surrender.
One of the greatest pleasures of Implacable Foes is its exploration of the vast networks of logistic, strategic, and economic dependencies that were affected (not always positively) by V-E Day in May 1945, the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.
Leyenda: Jessica Chastain da vida a una implacable ejecutiva.
Synopsis: "The Implacable Absence: A Non-Idiomatic Improvisational Duet" is a post-existential fantasy in which a mushroom man, a talking bug and a doppelganger traverse Faerie, Nirvana, and other planes of existence in search of the Deadly Galerina, an ambiguous deity from the Kingdom of Fungi.
itself--a randomesque mechanism over limited, implacable blacktop, with
SM le Roi exprime, a cette occasion, Ses vives felicitations et Sa haute consideration pour cette prouesse majeure qui vient couronner les efforts colossaux et le grand esprit d'aventure dont a fait preuve l'athlete marocain, en faisant montre d'une determination implacable a relever ce defi mondial qui fait honneur a la patrie.
I am filled with a spontaneous, implacable fury" - Actress Diana Quick says bad driving is her pet hate.
withdrew her name Thursday from consideration to be secretary of state in the face of implacable opposition from Senate Republicans.
Mr McGrath said: "We restate out implacable opposition to the unauthorised development in Eaves Green Lane and also resolve to stay on site at our protest camp until the fields are reinstated to green pasture and until the planning laws are changed to bring equality back in the planning system.
As more buccaneers fall under the seductress's spell, the Time Lord struggles to gain the trust of the vessel's implacable captain and find a way to bring his troubles to an end.
15pm Oscar-winning crime drama from the Coen Brothers as a Texan hunter who took a stash of money abandoned at the site of a botched drugs deal is pursued across the state by an implacable hitman with no qualms about killing anyone who gets in his way.
The book beat has been gutted primarily by cultural forces, not economic ones, and the most implacable of those forces lies within rather than outside the newsroom.