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But they were also implacably there, flat on the wall's surface, marking its extent and its relation to you and to the rest of the room's contents.
Since the beginning of 2010, there has been an increase in the number of attempts to infiltrate militants into India," he said, adding that terror groups were implacably opposed to India, their weapons being mayhem and violence.
Even many of those implacably opposed to Huw Lewis and what he stands for - even some of his biggest ideological enemies in the party - have been saying one thing: he's conducted himself well throughout the campaign.
space that traveled implacably through the universe, and took us with it
A magical sentiment engraved forever in gold, imprinted implacably in our hearts is a gift with which to celebrate a strong union, a sweet promise made to last forever.
The whole thing moves implacably forward with strength, grace, and style.
Eva Cox of the Women's Electoral Lobby argued that as the Catholic hierarchy is implacably opposed to abortion, it was entirely wrong to have its representatives involved in counseling, as women needed neutral voices to help them make decisions.
Perhaps most important, one powerful Republican committee chair was also implacably opposed to taking action.
It has shown that it is not implacably opposed to the United States.
The left-wing GUE-NGL group remains implacably opposed to the Directive as it fears the country-of-origin principle enshrined in it will lead to companies shopping around for cheap labour.
The family who owned the place started as lawyers in the 1600s but (assisted by well-timed bribes to the monarchy and judiciously organised marriages) successive heirs climbed implacably through the social hierarchy and increasing riches to become Dukes of Buckingham in 1822.