implacably opposed

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The contest to succeed current City Hall incumbent Boris Johnson - himself implacably opposed to the PS18.
With as many as 20-30 Conservative MPs thought to be wary of airstrikes in Syria and the SNP implacably opposed, the Prime Minister needs the support of a similar number of Labour MPs to be confident of avoiding a repeat of his 2013 defeat when he sought approval to bomb the forces of president Bashar Assad.
But of course it should never be forgotten that there are political forces and their tame media that are implacably opposed to Saudi Arabia.
Q: Why is the gun lobby so implacably opposed to change?
With the party so strongly in favour of EU membership and apparently implacably opposed to any moves towards a system of English Votes for English Laws, Labour is out of sync with English national sentiment.
In his speech last week at American University defending the accord, President Barack Obama equated Republican critics of the agreement with Iranian hard-liners implacably opposed to rapprochement, let alone a deal with the "Great Satan.
Israel is implacably opposed, and Sunni Muslim-ruled Arab allies of the United States, such as Saudi Arabia, are suspicious of an arrangement that would benefit their rival, Shi'ite, non-Arab Iran.
Speaking at a business breakfast, the First Minister made it clear she regarded Trident as a "status symbol" of the British state and that she is implacably opposed to spending money on weapons of mass destruction.
The betting industry has instead favoured levy reform - Rust's soontobe former boss Richard Glynn has spoken of Ladbrokes being implacably opposed to a 'racing right' - and Rust will have been no different.
The law sends a vital message to all that the UAE is serious in its battle against terrorism and that there is no confusion about where it stands -- in favour of tolerance and rational discourse while remaining implacably opposed to violence and any effort to influence society through violence.
But for as long as I can remember I've been implacably opposed to capital punishment, its wrongness one of my few absolute certainties.
A first confidence vote earlier this month was marred by accusations of irregularities and the government has called on the GNC to repeat it, and then go into recess until a new legislature can be elected, something to which the Islamists are implacably opposed.