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The origi- nal implant abutment was damaged when the loosened crown was sectioned.
Mills, "The surface characteristics produced by various oral hygiene instruments and materials on titanium implant abutments," The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, vol.
Fifty-four (18 per implant abutment type) titanium implant analogs and prosthetic abutments (Ti Anatomic Abutment-Straumann LLC, Esthetic Abutment-Nobel BioCare, and TiDesign-Astra Tech, Inc) were purchased from Straumann, Inc, Nobel BioCare and Astra, respectively.
Hu-Friedy describes the Implacare II scalers as made from PLASTEEL[TM] material--a high grade, unfilled resin, which is designed to cause the least amount of alteration to implant abutment surfaces during scaling and help reduce plaque accumulation.
Zirconia has been used as an orthopedic implant material for many years and lately has been emerging in dentistry in the form of orthodontic brackets, post and core systems, all-ceramic prosthetic restorations, implant abutments and more recently as a material for oral implants (74,75).
The first step is the development of a software interface enabling the 3Shape dental scanners to communicate with the Atlantis VAD software, which is used for the design and production of patient-specific implant abutments.
for $71 million, which gave it access to computer-aided design technology for dental implant abutments.
For instance, AIR-FLOW Therapy, along with AIR-FLOW PERIO Powder, is safe for tissue, enamel, root surfaces, ortho brackets, porcelain composite restorations, and even implants & implant abutments.
Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Dental Implant Abutments