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SOPHI-30" is an ion implanter to perform low-acceleration and high-concentration ion implantation achieving extremely high productivity by reducing the process time to 1/60 in comparison by ULVAC previous models.
As the industry moves toward smaller device geometries, the new VIISta 810 HP (High Productivity) implanter is the optimum successor to the industry-leading VIISta 810 implanter," said John Aldeborgh, vice president of sales and marketing for Varian Semiconductor.
This space charge effect must be accounted for in the implanter design so that the beam is refocused as it passes through the implanter.
As mentioned last quarter, IBIS will have no revenue from implanter system sales in the 2007 fiscal year.
Follow-on order will join growing installed base of Optima high dose implanters at customer's facility
0 million of equipment revenue related to the sale of an i2000 implanter mentioned above.
Nasdaq: ACLS) today announced that it has shipped an Optima HD Imax[TM] molecular implanter order to one of the world's top memory manufacturers, fulfilling a recently announced order.
Within the last nine months, Ibis has demonstrated that the i2000 implanter is capable of increased SOI uniformity, reduced particulate contamination and reduced handling time, resulting in increased throughput.
Designed for simplicity and cost effectiveness, the Optima platform of implanters provides complete, extendible applications coverage, giving users maximum flexibility and capital efficiency.
However, following recent discussions with our largest customer and others, the Company now believes that any implanter orders would come late in the second half of 2007.
Shipment of Industry's First Molecular Ion Implanter is a Milestone for Ground-Breaking Technology
Chipmaker selects both Optima HD(TM) and Optima HD Imax(TM) molecular implanter for advanced memory and logic devices