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It's their word against common sense, suggesting the implausibility of what they charge.
However, the writer-director engineers one hairpin twist too many with a big reveal that sits between implausibility and unintentional hilarity.
TRIANGLE (15) Verdict: DIRECTED by Creep's Christopher Smith, Melissa George runs around a cruise ship in a thriller which can't escape the fog of its own implausibility.
It would be peevish to cavil at the unlikeliness of these particular characters surviving and then reuniting, given the even greater implausibility of anyone at all making it through the supervirulent cataclysm.
It is not that they dispense with character and symbol and plot, it is not that they mock the implausibility and heavy-handedness of such tricks--Howard is too savvy for such twee trickery.
In concert with the biological implausibility of vaccines overwhelming a child's immune system, these have effectively dismissed the notion that vaccines cause autism.
We suggest using a simple implausibility index to track the magnitude and type of policy-maker judgement.
However, coincidence and chance nudge the film increasingly towards implausibility.
He critically and convincingly blames the Israel Lobby for misrepresenting facts, which may endanger American lives, and points out the implausibility of a U.
Sadly, however, the implausibility of natural law to people today probably has little to do with Barth's critique or moral voluntarism.
Russell would save Socrates from implausibility by claiming that in this passage good fortune amounts to the exercise of wisdom, not its accomplishments.
Director Emmanuelle Bercot clearly wants to explore exactly what a fan gets from her idol--and, in turn, what the idol can draw from her fan--but I found myself far too distracted by the implausibility of the scenario, which plays like bad fan fiction come to life.