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Development and Export Company (PHDEC), said Raheela Abbas Marketing manager PHDEC here on Saturday, The implausible blog approached Pakistan High Commission in London to facilitate them for visiting mango orchards in Multan.
From standards for judging believes deemed implausible to descriptions of who tends to accept them in this country, IMPLAUSIBLE BELIEFS offers an in-depth examination of the focus and meaning of religious views in modern society, and deserves a place on the shelf of any college-level social issues collection and the study list of non-specialist general readers with an interest in how belief systems are created, evolve, and endure.
analyzes commonalities between implausible religious and secular beliefs.
You could construct 100 hypotheticals involving utilitarian tradeoffs and terrorism, none less plausible or implausible than the first.
The concept that ingesting a more alkaline beverage would enhance the intra-cellular movement of water seems physiologically implausible.
A love triangle involving a man, a woman and a whale might seem implausible, but this is the premise of Zakes Mda's most recent novel, The Whale Caller.
Use Benford's Law, a statistical formula for evaluating the frequency of given values in a random sample, to expose implausible numeric data.
This would affirm that alachlor exposure is rare and the alleged link to semen quality is implausible.
The Tax Court rejected each of the rationales as factually implausible.
The medieval parts of the tale are absorbing and entertaining but Beth's story seems comparatively weaker with a seemingly implausible ending to an overall fine rally cry for give peace a chance.
Though this part of the argument does not receive the attention it warrants in the conclusion, it is not implausible that the loaded emotional values associated with food in the second half of the twentieth century in Spain are linked to the intense caloric deprivations that many suffered in the late 1930s and early 1940s.
HOTLY tipped as Britain's next big thing, the Leicester band fronted by Tom Meighan pull off an implausible feat - they use synths but rock like there's no tomorrow, drawing on influences ranging from past masters to credible contemporaries.