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And after Danni Saulter had hit the post from an implausibly tight angle, City made it 2-0 in the 20th minute when Natalie Wilcox's cross found Dermody lurking unmarked at the far post.
The implausibly high correlations are all the more puzzling because method sections rarely contain sufficient detail to ascertain how these correlations were obtained.
Speaking to a scrutiny committee yesterday, Coun Summerfield veered alarmingly off message, ignoring an implausibly optimistic written report in his name, to announce that high street spending is slumping at unprecedented levels.
Supported on slim trifurcated pylons, an implausibly diaphanous mesh platform soars 18m above the ground, cranking zanily around a verdant canopy of mature sweet chestnuts, limes and broad leafed oaks planted by Capability Brown in the 1770s.
The responsibility for the nation's security now, rather implausibly, rests with six young, attractive recruits in a Spooks spin-off series.
This time around, Thomas, still plagued by paranormal visions, is somewhat implausibly plucked right off of his back from a rooftop shantytown by his former Special Crimes Unit colleagues to investigate the bizarre disappearance of his former mentor.
I never touched him," claimed Dennis, somewhat implausibly.
But unless they want to repeal existing seat belt requirements, says Hurley, politicians who oppose primary enforcement are left to argue, rather implausibly, that it's "the Maginot Line between enough government and too much government.
In contrast to the restraint with which these images invoke the suffering of both Brodsky as an individual and the Russian people as a group, Almond's California pictures from his ongoing "Fullmoon" series, 2000-, are almost implausibly beautiful, providing (in keeping with Brodsky's own aesthetic) a kind of metaphysical counterpoint to the terrestrial misery implied by their companions.
It is almost certain that any such grouping will want to downgrade the European Union (just as de Gaulle downgraded the European Union from 1963 to 1966 once he had tied down the Franco-German relationship with the Elysee treaty) to avoid any risk that it might, as was feared however implausibly by "no" voters in the French referendum, attempt to force countries away from the "Rhenish" model.
After all, Clinton easily out-dueled the Republicans in the years just after the Contract (although Garrett argues, not implausibly, that Republicans accomplished more in the 1990s than they are usually given credit for).