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* Students who attended schools with more fully implemented comprehensive school counseling programs reported that they perceived their school climate more favorably and that they felt safer in school.
The regulation became effective October 28, 2002, and implemented sections 313 and 319(b) of the USA Patriot Act.
encourages all member states that have not done so to implement control systems that contain reliable and meaningful mechanisms for the licensing and transfer of small arms and light weapons.
Barney and Barney, a San Diego-based risk management consulting and insurance brokerage firm, has successfully implemented a companywide incentive program that involves profit sharing of approximately 4 percent of base salary as well as an individual bonus plan for everyone in the firm.
To diminish test anxiety, teachers are encouraged to implement a stronger base of formative factors.
Companies executing online marketing campaigns must implement controls over a variety of aspects, from identifying the appropriate target audience in their databases to complying with regulatory requirements such as subject-line guidelines and related statements in the body of an e-mail message, to ensuring that tracking systems used to monitor the campaign are in line with the company's privacy policy and regulatory requirements and effectively implementing consumer requests for exclusion from future messages.
EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, Mass., has announced that Nielsen Media Research has implemented EMC networked storage and open software to deliver dramatic price/performance gains.
What is the right amount of funding to adequately implement the Healthy Forest Restoration Act?
One, the participants generally agreed that the core principles of FGC were indeed being implemented and experienced.
DSP functions used in communications subsystems such a FEC 32-channel Viterbi decoder core can now be implemented in a Spartan-3 FPGA (XC3S1000) for an effective price of $0.14 per channel.
Five years after Bush's gubernatorial administration implemented sweeping policies on uniting state agencies and faith-based charities, the Texas Freedom Network is reporting on the results of the experiment.