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The agencies remain committed to moving forward with the implementation of Basel II while retaining Prompt Corrective Action and leverage requirements.
Establish metrics/tools to assess MOSA implementation progress
If the vendor's implementation of the specific algorithm successfully passes the tests, NIST issues a validation certificate to the vendor.
Canisius College (NY) has just gone through a full-scale SCT Banner implementation that looks, at least so far, to be very successful.
The survey results indicated that 16 of the counselors were involved in year one of implementation of the CGCP, 16 in year two, 12 in year three, and 2 in year four.
The implementation phase puts the strategies into effect.
According to an article in The CPA Journal (October 1998), the Financial Executives Institute projected the implementation would cost companies an average of more than $100,000.
Components will prepare a supporting RFID implementation plan that encompasses both active and passive RFID technology in a cohesive environment to support the DoD vision.
Following an FEI survey in June 2003, which focused on a narrower population, the latest survey contains the broadest and most up-to-date information on estimated Section 404 implementation costs derived from senior financial executives from companies ranging from less than $25 million in sales to over $5 billion.

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