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Additional work is necessary to determine whether these results reflect differences in risk, reveal limitations of QIS4, identify variations in the stages of bank implementation efforts (particularly related to data availability), and, or suggest the need for adjustments to the Basel II Framework.
MOSA implementation should be based on upfront planning and initiated early in the program and acquisition planning.
Prior to the actual implementation and system design, it is essential to have a clear vision established as to where the project is going and what the end result will look like.
In addition to ascertaining conformance, the tests detect implementation flaws including pointer problems, insufficient allocation of space, improper error handling, and incorrect behavior of the AES algorithm implementation.
No matter which enterprise technology vendor a school selects, there are two key factors in a successful implementation.
The primary purpose of our investigation was to assess factors that contribute to the successful implementation of comprehensive guidance and counseling programs at the elementary, junior, and senior high school levels in Nova Scotia.
One seminal feature of OD is its use of action research, or actual field research, with a continuous cycle of diagnostics: data gathering, analysis, planning, implementation, and feedback.
GASB recognizes that implementing the model will be a challenge, so it has established phased implementation based on a government's total annual revenues for the first fiscal year ending after June 15, 1999.
IDS Scheer process implementation experts worked with Atlantic Methanol to implement solution over the course of four months for 20 users.
Radio Frequency Identification will be a mandatory DoD requirement on solicitations issued on or after October 1, 2004, for delivery of materiel on or after January 1, 2005, in accordance with the supplier implementation plan at Attachment 3.
The results are striking--not only in terms of implementation costs, but also since the estimates have, in some cases, as much as doubled in less than a year--as implementation efforts have gotten further along.

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