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"The CEO implemented her own salary from Sh400, 000 to Sh560,000," Albert said.
"The five per cent VAT is a crucial decision, something that should be implemented considering the high budgetary deficit the Kingdom has.
Due to the recycling success of the JCEL project, a 377,000-square-foot-building complex implemented this recycling program.
Just next door, another energy-saving program was implemented in the City of Timmins, with Mark Jensen, the city's community development director for the planning and building division, at the helm.
Intended to "assess the maturity, level of use, utility, and viability of CVP technology and its application to the industrial base," the report offered 10 recommendations, including implementation of policy to develop standardized metrics for evaluating CVP payoffs in programs and streamlining of the validation process for models; and it was the first study to recommend a central government office at the OSD level to coordinate policy and to "act as a source of information." However, according to the NAS/NRC's review of these efforts, "there was no evidence given that any of these recommendations were implemented."
On the other hand, multiple-site implementations have the benefit of a remote site at which to replicate keys within the organization, as long as the appropriate security mechanisms are implemented. Not only should administrative versus security functions be separated but keys should be archived locally and regular backups should be conducted remotely to provide full recovery capabilities.
* Sixty-nine percent of organizations that had a crisis communication plan implemented it in response to events affecting their organizations.
In Figure 2, the method is used to estimate the impact of control measures implemented on day 20 in the simulated datasets with completely effective or limited control measures.
All three of these standards have similar elements that should be implemented to achieve effective results.
Nonetheless, Army leadership still recognizes that 1) this is the first time the Army has implemented such a large scale program, 2) the program was rapidly put together in one year, and 3) this is the Army's first experience employing the LSI concept (Source #1, 2005).
To get to the point where the uniform regulation of reinsurance could be implemented across the European Union, backers of the directive had to persuade regulators in France and Portugal to give up their defense of collateralization requirements for foreign reinsurers.
The court held that many provisions in the code could be implemented without consent of the works council, but that the provisions related to anonymous telephone hotlines required the council's consent.

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