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This is great news for users and implementers of UPnP technology.
Oracle Business Models Provides Application Implementers With World-Class
More information on the PMBus Implementers Forum is available at www.
This guide is aimed at IFX Web Service implementers who are new to Web Services; who would like to understand the rational for the design of the IFX WSDLs, or who want a companion document to the four reference implementations.
In addition to the WQST110 and 101 chipset and the wireless USB Adapter, WiQuest's Evaluation Kit, 4-port Hub and PCI Express mini card reference designs, all based on the Certified Wireless USB technology from the USB Implementers Forum, are available.
Based on the WiMedia Alliance's UWB common radio platform and the Certified Wireless USB specification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), Ripcord is a single-chip, all-CMOS solution implemented in a complete, fully integrated System-In-Package (SiP) using leading 110nm digital CMOS process technology.
The Gilbane Group today announced they have launched a blog for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) who are involved in enterprise content applications, whether vendor, integrator, or enterprise implementer.
As the open-source technology site for enterprise business decision-makers and implementers, LinuxWorld.
The addition of Core Ops brings us one step closer to our vision of being the leading implementer of Oracle's current and next-generation enterprise applications and technologies.
About UPnP Certification and the UPnP Implementers Corporation
Other new Rhythmyx 6 features include support for the Velocity templating language, a new Developer's Workbench based on the popular Eclipse Interface Framework and a Web Services Software Developer's Kit (WSDK) with an enhanced Web services API that make it significantly easier for Rhythmyx implementers to support a Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to integration.

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