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Not much work has been reported on the role of implementers in implementing MGNREGA other than the literature cited (Hirway, 2006 and Rabbe et al.
Division evaluation and submission of nominations to the Regional Office by the Schools Division Search Committee shall be conducted in September and October while the Regional evaluation and awarding of the outstanding SBFP Implementers shall be held in November and December.
In addition, the embedded research model emphasizes strong collaboration and continuous exchanges between the implementers leading the study and the researchers specialized in health policy and systems research and implementation research.
Here, program implementers and researchers worked together to define the scope of research and in identifying relevant research questions.
Since the launch of the 20 early implementer sites in March, initial steps have been taken to identify the support that each will need to be able to deliver the new vision by March 2012.
The USB Implementers Forum has informed Palm that modifying the Pre's software to re-enable iTunes synchronization is a violation of the industry group's rules.
The consultant first models all protocols in-vivo contained in the treatment plan while the implementers watch and ask questions.
This new integration allows vAuth platform implementers to use their existing vAuth ID to log into PingLogin secured applications without the need for a password, token or other strong authentication mechanism.
0 specification, was formally released by the USB Implementers Forum just before CES.
It unifies potentially diverse approaches to CGM utilization in Web document applications, and therefore represents a significant interoperability agreement amongst major users and implementers of the ISO CGM standard.
As we see greater adoption of the Principles by donors into their RFP processes, we recognize that implementers require practical methods and templates that can be used in program design and implementation.
a leading wireless software company providing complete solutions for local and personal area networks including those using WiMedia-based Ultrawideband (UWB) technology, today announced the industry's first wireless USB software solution for Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows CE embedded platforms based on Certified Wireless USB from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).

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