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Important additional determinants of successful implementation include the adequacy of the implementor's capacity (Derthick 1970; Williams 1980; Goggin et al.
* Knowledge of the creator is information for the implementor but data for the stabilizer.
Table II Development of a new model for innovating stereotypes Holt's learning Lewin's process for New innovating model successful change stereotypes Thinker Unfreeze Creator Movement Implementor Producer Refreeze Stabilizer 2 innovating implementors.
Pero siyempre and primary implementor is the DOH as an organization.
The senator raised anew the country's problem on contractualization, of which the government is the major implementor.
Ayo was the executor and implementor of the 'mayhem' defense but Gonzales was the architect.
Duterte also named retired police chief superintendent Diosdado Valeroso as executive director of the Emergency 911 National Office, the lead implementor of the nationwide emergency number.
Hanggang hindi po mababago ang petsa ng halalan na nakasaad sa ating Saligang Batas, ipatutupad po 'yan ng Presidente - matutuloy po ang eleksiyon ng 2019 [The President is the implementor of the Constitution.
'If that is the case, wouldn't his reported recantation serve to nullify his WPP coverage on the ground of serious breach of his agreement with the government as represented by then Justice Secretary [Vitaliano Aguirre II] in his capacity as WPP Chief Implementor?'
'The President is the chief implementor of the Constitution and the laws of the land.
2120, otherwise known as "the National Economic and Development Authority of 2018." This landmark legislation seeks to institutionalize NEDA as a new and truly independent economic and planning agency that will be the lead integrator and implementor of forward-looking, continuing, integrated, and coordinated economic and development programs and policies for national, regional, and local development.
Just like what we always say, the President is the implementor of our Constitution.

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