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Knowledge of the creator is information for the implementor but data for the stabilizer.
Stabilizers customize the tool that the implementors have developed.
On the other hand, proponents, implementors and authors of DAP are not spared unless they can prove good faith.
Van Meter and Van Horn (1976, 466) contend that successful policy implementation requires clear policy objectives, as well as accurate and consistent communication of those objectives, so that implementors know what is expected of them.
Senators held a closed-door meeting on Tuesday with implementors of martial law in Mindanao to discuss the one-year extension of the military rule in the region being sought by President Rodrigo Duterte.
Director Leonardo Sibbaluca of DENR 08 for his part, said that the Caravan should be sustained so that, there can be immediate check and balance between government project implementors and beneficiaries.
On this matter, the Supreme Court has ruled that the doctrine of operative fact "can apply only to PAPs (programs, activities, projects) that can no longer be undone, and whose beneficiaries relied in good faith on the validity of the DAP, but cannot apply to the authors, proponents, and implementors of the DAP.
VTLS has established the Development Partners Program and the Early Implementors Program to enhance the functionality of Virtua's design giving librarians participation in the design and testing process.
He explained that on top of at least 50 model schools for SHS that started implementing the program in 2012, "at least 200 new early implementors of SHS" are targeted in 2015.
This project aims at enhancing and ensuring the Union-wide availability of guideline information to users, healthcare agencies, developers and implementors.
Documents and data will be gathered from state library agencies and from librarians identified by those agencies as implementors of significant programs involving the information superhighway.

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