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The implicated officials of BPS-18 include Mamoona Shah, Shoaib Ahmed Khehro, Amir Zia Isran, Ibrahim Memon, Ghulam Sarwar Utero, Saifullah Abro, Mohammad Yakub, Mohammad Jumman Thebo, Mukhtiar Ahmed Mallah, Imran Qureshi, Mukhtiar Ahmed Shar, Mohammad Saleem Shaikh, Dr Nisar Ahmed Laghari, Ghulam Murtaza Memon and Ayhan Mustafa Bhutto.
She said that an employee of Islamabad health department, Qmmar Ali Gujjar, had implicated her father in a fake case allegedly with convenience of some officials of Islamabad Police.
Hyderabad [Telangana] August 5 ( ANI ): A Hyderabad resident who served jail term in Saudi Arabia on Saturday said he was implicated on fake charges.
Buenaventura, Tan and other individuals Lascanas had implicated were not charged, however.
Pointing out that the AK Party had vowed to fight corruption when it came into power in 2002, Bahceli said the members of the party implicated in the corruption investigations were caught red-handed.
Mortazavi was implicated in the beating deaths of at least three young men arrested in 2009 during the post-election protests and confined at the Kahrizak detention center.
Iran got Syria implicated - in addition to Hezbollah and Lebanon - by entering as a direct military party to the armed conflict in Syria, with equipment, funds, and fighters, as well as with its proxy Hezbollah.
Further investigation implicated one catering company that supplied items for the lunch trucks and other vendors.
Global Banking News-June 18, 2013--No financial gains from implicated Singapore traders, says ANZ Group(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
When the furore erupted it sought to destroy them despite not being implicated in the case," vet services director Giorgos Kyriakides said.
Speaking at a press event after a 6-hour-long sitting of Bulgaria's Consultative Council for National Security Tuesday, Tsvetanov named Hezbollah's military wing as possibly implicated in the attack, which killed 5 Israeli tourists, their Bulgarian driver and the presumed suicide bomber.
Prenatal smoking has been implicated in up to 25% of low birth weight infants primarily from preterm birth and fetal growth restriction and up to 10% of all infant mortality.