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The triad of complicatio, explicatio and implicatio is a trinity of folds and foldings: of enfolding (complicatio), unfolding (explicatio) and infolding (implicatio), a reading clearly referencing the pli or fold at the heart of each term.
On the other hand, the pedagogical premise of Understanding Dante may not entice those experienced dantisti who relish the implicatio and complicatio of Dante's work perhaps as much or more than its basic explicatio.
Because the protocol is a specific treaty and because a central goal of EMF-16 was to help policy makers understand the economic implicatio ns of that treaty, adequately meeting this policy analysis objective certainly required the inclusion of revenue recycling in the modeling exercises.
Bandura (1982) introduced the concept of collective-efficacy to account for the fact that group-efficacy has important implicatio ns on group/team performance.
Thus, by 20 years, the implicatio ns of the insurance are pretty much fully played out.
There is also something otherworldly about the glowing bays of a self-service car wash in another panel, and though the line between retribution and redemption is fuzzy, the implicatio ns of the dispensation of either or both is dear in Untitled (CalDonut), a sunny mini-mall parking lot where a police car spontaneously combusts and tall, persistent weeds seem poised to take over the asphalt.
In other words, respondents commonly seemed to view stock gains as part of long-term saving, with few immediate implicatio ns for spending.
Already a number of interesting extensions of the stochastic new open-economy macro model exist, including pricing to market and its implicatio ns for policy regimes.
One issue of great implicatios to the success or failure of the AFRICOM Command Center has to do with location.
Labour group leader Cou Joh Mutto said: "This Budget has serious implicatios for elderly people, childre ad the may hard workig small charities who are carryig out excellet work for vulerable people, which would otherwise have to be picked up by the coucil.