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This implicational ordering can be schematized as in (1):
What we see in Table 11 is that the availability of local cases for particular locations grows in languages along the implicational ordering in (19).
We urge upon you to take appropriate implicational notice of the developments," it added.
The authors applied there a very interesting estimation for the sets of tautologies and non-tautologies of the implicational fragments of classical and intuitionistic logics.
The theoretical framework of Classical Dikkean Functional Grammar has stressed the relevance of implicational universals in different grammatical operations.
In the following we shall apply Haspelmath's results to the Veps language, including the semantic maps model and its elaboration, the implicational map for indefinite pronoun functions.
Silverstein's hypothesis is originally motivated by an implicational generalization about split ergative languages, to which I will return in Section 3.
Keywords: Implicational formulae; Tautologies; Intuitionistic logic; Analytic combinatorics; Asymptotic density
Hogan describes literary universals as involving absolute, statistical, implicational, typological, and other features, with correlations that may or may not be related to technique.
Orations at community meetings cover all areas of Pomio Kivung cosmology, morality, and political ideology, and bind them together in complex strings of implicational logic.
What distinguishes the Estonian system is the robustness and symmetry of this implicational structure.
by its strong use of modality (will, can) and inflectional morphology, by its many references to future time, by the implicational relations in the correlative structures that present the negative conditionals, by its rich use of fall-rise intonation and tactical beating near the level of the phonological phrase, and by its relatively strong use of consonance (e.