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The concept of implicative ideals in a BCK-algebra was first introduced by (IS'EKI, 1975) and then the fuzzification of implicative ideals is studied in (XI, 1991).
According to Nowakowa, in opposition to Krajewski, (29) these statements show that the Implicative version of correspondence (the later statement [T.
This effort may especially be implicative for China that is lagging far behind in innovation management theory development.
14) It is clear that these two are not mutually exclusive; indeed, they are probably better thought of as mutually implicative.
In [4], [5] and [8], the notions of prime filter, Boolean filter, implicative filters, normal filters, fantastic filters and positive implicative filters in BL-algebras were proposed, and the properties of the filters were investigated.
While such implicative prose, in conjunction with the aforementioned use of foreshadowing and suggestive imagery, may go some way toward explaining the affective force of In the Cut, it does not fully account for what critics identified as the book's uncommon facility for unsettling and discomforting readers.
So the aforementioned ruling that considered void the Islamist-dominated parliament a couple of days before the start of the presidential run-off where the old regime and the Muslim Brothers are struggling to take the lead must be implicative.
Two (albeit mutually implicative approaches) come to mind: action and awareness.
According to the introductory notes, Beat Attitudes, published by New Pacific Press, "comprises an open-ended glossary and archive of citations and sayings expressing various meanings of 'beatitude' at the core of the Beat cultural-political and literary attitude: an unfinished archive broad and implicative, with sayings that emanate about and from states of written and acted-upon beatitude" (2).
The responses to these two items were implicative of moderate confidence in speaking English, which is both cause and effect of frequent use (Balla & Pennington, 1996; Lai, 1993; Liu, 2006, 2007b).